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Anali hrvatskog politološkog društva
Annals of the Croatian Political Science Association

Publishing House: Hrvatsko politološko društvo
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Frequency: 1 issues
ISSN: 1845-6707
Status: Active

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Short Description

Croatian Political Science Association (CPSA) had initiated publishing of scientific journal in the form of almanac – Annals of the CPSA – in 2004. This was one of the critical junctures of the development of political science in Croatia, whereas that in the last 40 years Croatian political science had only one scientific journal – Croatian Political Science Review. Science than four numbers of Annals were published (2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008). Annals from the beginning of their editing comprise stable structure of sections. Largest and most important is the one with the papers presented at Croatian Political Science Annual Meeting (CPSAM), CPSA's traditional yearly conference (topics: 2005 – Croatia and EU, 2006 – 15 years of Croatian democracy; 2007 – EU, nation state and the future of democracy; 2008 – Croatian in the regional context of SEE and CE). Also, every number contains a section with the articles of the state of the art of political science sub-disciplines or specialized political science research fields (2005 – comparative politics, public policy; 2006 – public policy and governance; 2007 – theory of transformation; 2008 – representative and direct democracy). One section is always dedicated to narrowly focused studies. Every Annal’s issue brings section with reports of CPSA’s annual activities and, in the end, an overview section of the newly published political sciences books in Croatian. Beside Croatian political scientists, scientists from the region, with who CPSA and Annals have close and rich cooperation, are regular Annals authors. Also, CPSAM’s guests from all over Europe (UK, Poland, France, Germany, Denmark…) had written articles for Annals. During only for years of publishing many prominent and world-widely known scientists have wrote papers for the Annals, as Wolfgang Merkel, Edgar Grande, Klaus von Bayme, Hal Colebatch, David M. Olson… Since its start, Annals have international editing board. Annals are funded, beside its own sale, by the financial support of the Croatian government (ministry for science and education and ministry for culture) and local government of capital Zagreb (office for education and culture), and some from donations of private sector. Every published article in Annals had been subjected to strict review procedure.