EUROMONITOR 27 (2013/07/04) - European Integration: One Step Forward and Two Steps Back? Cover Image

EUROMONITOR 27 (2013/07/04) - Integrarea europeană: un pas înainte și doi înapoi?
EUROMONITOR 27 (2013/07/04) - European Integration: One Step Forward and Two Steps Back?

Author(s): Igor Boțan, Valeriu Prohniţchi, Adrian Lupuşor, Nadejda Afanasieva
Subject(s): National Economy, Welfare services, Economic development, EU-Accession / EU-DEvelopment
Published by: EXPERT-GRUP Centrul Analitic Independent
Keywords: Democratic institutions; Transnistria conflict; capacity of administration; juridical system; economic reforms; foreign trade; social development; migration; border control;
Summary/Abstract: The purpose of the document is to develop an independent analysis of the policies and reforms implemented by the Chisinau authorities in order to bring them closer to the European Union, politically, economically and institutionally. In particular, the European Union - Republic of Moldova Action Plan (EUMAP) was monitored, which is the most important and exhaustive strategic planning document where all of Moldova's commitments in the European integration process are specified. Although the formal implementation period is 2005-2012, it has been automatically extended for an indefinite period. Moreover, the EUMAP remained current, given that the vast majority of the necessary priorities and actions specified in the plan are still relevant today.

  • Page Count: 214
  • Publication Year: 2013
  • Language: Romanian