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Centre for European Policy Studies. Highlights 2014-15
Centre for European Policy Studies. Highlights 2014-15

Author(s): Edmond Alphandéry, Karel Lannoo, Daniel Gros, Kerstin Born-Sirkel, Sally Scott
Subject(s): Supranational / Global Economy, Energy and Environmental Studies, Governance, Economic policy, Environmental and Energy policy, International relations/trade, Security and defense, Family and social welfare, Economic development
Published by: CEPS Centre for European Policy Studies
Keywords: European Union; policy making; eurozone governance; economy; economic policy; economic development; energy; climate change; environmental policy; international relations; foreign policy; trade; security;
Summary/Abstract: At a time when nearly everyone has an opinion on the challenges facing Europe, CEPS is proudly continuing its 30-year mission of providing sound policy advice built on rigorous research. Our researchers help to shape policy by bringing academic discipline to the policy debate. We tackle the big, long-term questions and not just what’s fashionable at any given moment. At a time when many policy-makers are forced to focus on the immediate challenges, this is more important than ever. The European Union is in the midst of setting policy directions for years to come – on the future architecture of bank supervision, on eurozone governance, on migration. Our research is crucial in ensuring that policy builds on solid evidence.

  • Page Count: 32
  • Publication Year: 2014
  • Language: English