Mass privatization in reforming countries Cover Image

Масовата приватизация в реформиращите се страни
Mass privatization in reforming countries

Author(s): Ivan V. Angelov, Boyan V. Gyuzelev
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Economy, National Economy, Sociology, Applied Sociology, Economic development, Financial Markets, Public Finances, Socio-Economic Research
Published by: Център за изследване на демокрацията
Summary/Abstract: Regardless of the course and progress of change, the political and social situation, there is no former socialist state that has not taken at least initial steps in the field of privatization. The most commonly used approaches to privatization can be summarized in two - free (coupon, voucher) privatization and capital privatization (privatization fee). The two methods are only conditionally distinguishable, since they are not applied anywhere in pure form. The application of the capital methods of privatization and the free ones everywhere are accompanied by difficulties.

  • Page Count: 49
  • Publication Year: 1995
  • Language: Bulgarian