Education Of Lawyers For Judical/Prosecutorial Functions in Bosnia and Herzegovina Cover Image

Obrazovanje pravnika za sudijsku/tužilačku funkciju u Bosni i Hercegovini
Education Of Lawyers For Judical/Prosecutorial Functions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Author(s): Smajo Šabić
Subject(s): Education, Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence, Higher Education , State/Government and Education, Court case
Published by: Fondacija Centar za javno pravo
Keywords: BiH; lawyers; education; judicial and prosecutorial functions;
Summary/Abstract: Every society seeks to establish a well-organized and efficient legal order. The premise of a well-regulated social, and therefore legal order, is a well-regulated legal system. Within the legal system, legal regulations play a very important role, starting with the Constitution, laws and other by-laws, which regulate in more detail both the general social order and the legal order between the state and its citizens, and the order between the citizens themselves. Also, a very important role is played by the state authorities responsible for law enforcement, especially for their preventive action. In the end, judicial authorities play a particularly important role as a protective corrective of the legal order and as such constitute the third pillar of power in a society, namely the judiciary. Effectiveness of a judicial authority in a society depends on how well organized it is and how independent it is from any influences in its overall organization and daily work. The aspiration of every society is to create quality preconditions for a good organization of the judiciary, starting with the establishment of a well-organized system of education of lawyers and their professional training as judges and prosecutors. The subject of this research is exploring the current way of arranging a lawyer's education system for the judicial and prosecutorial function of the de lege lata, with all its advantages and disadvantages, and exploring a possible future de lege ferenda model and how to organize the education of lawyers for judges and prosecutors.

  • Page Count: 17
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: Bosnian