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Viitorul limbii romani: către o politică a pluralismului lingvistic
The Future of the Romani Language

Author(s): Yaron Matras
Subject(s): Media studies, Sociolinguistics, Ethnic Minorities Studies, ICT Information and Communications Technologies, Identity of Collectives, Pedagogy
Published by: ISPMN Institutul pentru Studierea Problemelor Minorităţilor Naţionale
Keywords: Romani language; Use of Romani in education and media; linguistic pluralism; ethnic minority studies;
Summary/Abstract: The past decade has seen the emergence of linguistic pluralism in the use of Romani in institutions such as media and education: language codification is primarily regional, targeting a regional audience. Regional initiatives are autonomous and implement their own solutions. At the same time, an international network of Romani language codification activities is emerging - through meetings, correspondence, exchange of publications, and via the internet. The question facing agencies engaged in language policy is how to pursue networking and international collaboration, while taking into account the de-centralised achievements of the past decade. The practical way forward is to adopt linguistic pluralism as a policy: to support regional initiative and creativity, while also strengthening international networking efforts and exchange. Collective ownership of language will thus encompass a web of language varieties, and not just one single form of the language. Such a policy fits the specific Romani situation of a trans-national minority with dispersed, regional centres of cultural and public life. It is also suitable for the young generation of language users, who are accustomed to trial & error, individual creativity and flexibility in their use of written language in new communication technologies such as text-messages, internet chat-rooms and email.

  • Page Count: 22
  • Publication Year: 2009
  • Language: Romanian