EAP Think Bridge - № 2018-04 - Caspian Sea status. The Long-awaited Convention Cover Image

EAP Think Bridge - № 2018-04 - Caspian Sea status. The Long-awaited Convention
EAP Think Bridge - № 2018-04 - Caspian Sea status. The Long-awaited Convention

Author(s): Richard Giragosian, Sevinç Aliyeva, Arseniy Sivitsky, Lasha Tughushi, Daniela Gologan, Sergiy Gerasymchuk, Vitaliy Martynyuk
Subject(s): Regional Geography, Civil Society, Governance, Present Times (2010 - today), Peace and Conflict Studies
Published by: PIC Promotion of the Intercultural Cooperation
Summary/Abstract: Security has been one of the key components of the Eastern Partnership policy. But the content and framework of cooperation in this field set by the EU do not quite match the expectations of the partner countries. How different are the positions of Brussels and the capitals of the region? What deliverables from the partner-states are expected by the European Union? How much have Ukraine and other EaP countries advanced in achieving these goals? The situation is analyzed by Vitaly Martynyuk. Security issues have also become an important part of the long-awaited Convention on the Caspian Sea Status. But most importantly the principles of dividing the shelf and waters of the Caspian Sea were agreed upon. What this means for the Eastern Partnership and Europe, especially in the energy sector, who lost and who won from signing the document, Sevinj Aliyeva looked for answers. Meanwhile, September turned out to be intense in the countries of the region. Russia intervened on the agenda of all the six. The new Armenian government is gaining momentum and developing “partnership and brotherly” relations with the Kremlin. The President of Azerbaijan exchanges visits with Russian vis-à-vis. Moldovan leader also flows to the Kremlin. Belarus continues to negotiate with Moscow in the oil and gas sector without much success. Georgia is fighting off yet other round of accusations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. Ukraine abstains from extending the Treaty on Friendship with its northern neighbor. The most important events in foreign and domestic policy and the economy in the region are pictured in our traditional reviews of the month. //// CONTENT: Emboldened and empowered Armenian government // Azerbaijan getting closer to Russia? // Belarus: Uncertain relations with Russia // Georgia: Cannabis smells like politics // Pro-Moldovan policy instead of pro-European // Ukraine: Obstacle driving // Analytica: Caspian Sea status. The Long-awaited Convention // EP security: EU goals and Ukraine’s promotion

  • Page Count: 25
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: English