EAP Think Bridge - № 2019-11 - "ZE" Time in Ukraine Cover Image

EAP Think Bridge - № 2019-11 - "ZE" Time in Ukraine
EAP Think Bridge - № 2019-11 - "ZE" Time in Ukraine

Author(s): Richard Giragosian, Sevinç Aliyeva, Lasha Tughushi, Natalia Sterkul, Sergiy Gerasymchuk, Maksym Koriavets, Yuri Tsarik
Subject(s): Regional Geography, Civil Society, Governance, Security and defense, Present Times (2010 - today)
Published by: PIC Promotion of the Intercultural Cooperation
Keywords: Vladimir Zelensky elected president; Saakashvili; Vladimir Putin; Moldova Stalemate;
Summary/Abstract: The stunning victory of comedian Vladimir Zelensky at the presidential elections in Ukraine demonstrated a keen request for leaders from outside the old system. Without actually seeing any program of the candidate, or any names on the team, 74% of Ukrainians still voted for him, showing that they are ready to support anyone, as long as it’s a new person. This yet again made the neighbors worry: can such a public request be exported? In his very first winning speech, Zelensky addressed the post-Soviet republics, where leaders in power have not changed for decades: “Look, it is possible!” Whether the new president will live up to high expectations and receive the majority seats in parliament, Sergey Gerasimchuk analyzed. The permanent president of Belarus does not seem to be losing ground. He is fully preparing for the elections scheduled for next year, flirts with the pro-Russian electorate yet again and talks about changes to the constitution. However, the results of the Ukrainian vote have already forced the Belarusians to worry over economic reasons. The echoes of the Ukrainian elections reached Georgia, causing verbal altercations of ex-President Saakashvili with Russian President Putin. In Moldova, new leaders don’t seem to gain power so far as dividing portfolios and establishing the majority in the newly elected parliament is not yet possible. So the country risks getting stuck in an ever-deepening crisis. But in Armenia, the same anti-establishment new leader has been in power for almost a year now - continuing to fight corruption, acing clashes with former companions, and showing his temper, perhaps, for the first time. Over the past year and a half, the Eastern Partnership and partner states have made significant progress in harmonizing digital markets with the EU. What has already been done and what new prospects in this area open up after several important events for the region, Maksym Koryavets studies. These and other important news of April in the Eastern Partnership analyzed in our monthly reviews of domestic and foreign policy, as well as the economies of the countries of the region. //// CONTENT: Armenia: Confrontation in parliament over the challenges of business & politics // Azerbaijan: Domestic calm, international activity // Belarus: The path of mobilization // Georgia: 55 injured in clashes against hydroelectric power plant // Moldova: Stalemate — looking for the way out // Ukraine: The election is over, the economic and hybrid war with Russia is not

  • Page Count: 24
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Language: English