Not Punishing the Ideology Continues the Genocidal Politics Cover Image

Nekažnjavanjem ideologije nastavlja se genocidna politika
Not Punishing the Ideology Continues the Genocidal Politics

Author(s): Selman Selhanović
Subject(s): Civil Society, Governance, Political behavior, Victimology, Sociology of Politics, Politics and Identity
Published by: Institut za istraživanje zločina protiv čovječnosti i međunarodnog prava Univerziteta u Sarajevu
Keywords: Ideas; ideologues; social evil; criminals and doings; responsibility;
Summary/Abstract: The causes of genocide, of course we find in nationalist ideology and heads of those which are projected hatred and conflicts which is ultimately turned into genocide as the greatest degree of social evil. Primarly in this work we emphasize intellectuals who planned in their works and encouraged direct perpetrators. Their responsibility is thus greater, because they know what they were doing. The perpetrators that is, their followers they were less aware of it. Basically, the basic intention of the ideologue was to belittle, to dehumanize and deny the identity of Bosniaks as a people, deny bosnian individuality. Greatpower ideas, they speak best of those and such intentions. This is testified to us, and for this purpose the works of many intellectual and cultural workers as well as ecclesiasstical credentials are used. Works of Petar Petrovic Njegos, Stojan Protic, Matije Beckovica, Milorada Ekmecica, Rajka Petrova Noge and others point to that. It is only necessary to analyze them and present the truth about them to the public,but also to transfer them to the education system. Such acts, for sure, will show the ways in which the agression of one people over another was mentally carried out. Many documents and experts determined that agressor s goal was: to conquer territory, reduce the birth through ethnic cleansing, and disintegrate society, which resulted in the breakup of the family and the imminent killing of the male population, the emergence of more single-parent families. The victims of this idea were Bosniaks and Bosnia and Herzegovina as a state. The intention of this work and thus the general hypothesis is to illuminate the significance of ideas and the role of an ideology that propagates fascism and the ascension of one people, the heavenly one over another. That idea was conceived in the minds of those who, unfortunately, remained outside the verdicts of the Hague Tribunal. They will be judged by humanity.