Critique of Critical Criticism and Holy Family Against Repression – For Return to Reality Cover Image
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Kritika kritične kritike i Sveta porodica: Protiv potiskivanja — za povratak zbilji
Critique of Critical Criticism and Holy Family Against Repression – For Return to Reality

Author(s): Katarina Peović
Subject(s): Social Philosophy, Political history, Social history, 19th Century Philosophy, Marxism, Politics and society, Culture and social structure , 19th Century, History of Communism
Published by: Durieux
Keywords: materialism; Idealism; Zoran Milanović; repression; “ideal cross section”; modernity; technology;
Summary/Abstract: The paper deals with a relation between historical materialism and idealism – while proving idealism to be a profoundly conservative point of view – proving the thesis through an example of the contemporary political discourse of Zoran Milanović, and his so-called “liberal progressiveness”. Holy Family – Critique of Critical Critique can be read via contemporary examples that supplement materialistic interpretation of liberalism/idealism with the psychoanalytical interpretation of suppression of class conflict. A nature of liberal interpretation of the world vis-à-vis materialistic insights (undoubtedly and with clearness) epistemological and not only by facts – can be seen from The Condition of the Working Class in England, a study of young Engels that will be taken as a foundation of the materialistic understanding of the modernity and related figure of an unaccommodated man. A fundamental possibility of an overcoming of dialectical paradox in the figure of a proletarian as an unaccommodated man (while avoiding idealistic “displacements”), can be found in the development of technology as a possibility of overcoming of the capitalistic mode of production, as a foundation of development and personal freedom that can be achieved only in the community.

  • Page Range: 367-407
  • Page Count: 41
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: Croatian