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Recepcija Engelsove filozofije u nas
Reception of Engel’s Philosophy in Croatia

Author(s): Zvonko Šundov
Subject(s): Metaphysics, Economic history, Political history, 19th Century Philosophy, Marxism, Political economy, 19th Century
Published by: Durieux
Keywords: Friedrich Engels; metaphysics; dialectics; dialectical materialism; Marxism;
Summary/Abstract: This article gives an overview of the reception of Engels’ philosophy in the “Zagreb School of Practice”. The essential moments of this reception consist in pointing out certain (more or less) differences in the philosophical views of Marx and Engels (authors of Anti–Düring, The Dialectic of Nature and the Writings of Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy). Predrag Vranicki, Gajo Petrović, Milan Kangrga and Lino Veljak in various ways critically analyze the contradictions in Engels’ conceptions, especially regarding the dialectic of nature, and consider Engels’ influence on the formation of orthodox Marxism.

  • Page Range: 87-97
  • Page Count: 11
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: Croatian