Shaping the Operational Environment Through Cyberattacks Cover Image

Shaping the Operational Environment Through Cyberattacks
Shaping the Operational Environment Through Cyberattacks

Author(s): Marian Stefan
Subject(s): Security and defense, Military policy
Published by: Centrul tehnic-editorial al armatei
Keywords: environment operational; cyberattacks; aggressions; crisis; technology
Summary/Abstract: The current geopolitical and geostrategic context, the scale of politics, economics, culture and religious interests, information and cyber problems, the global medical crisis, as well as other non-military measures nowadays occupy a special place in shaping the operational environment. Their importance is felt not only during the escalation of crisis situations and their management and control, but also in military operations, marking the architecture of contemporary conflicts. A variety of present and involved actors, together with the multitude of risks and threats they generate, change the paradigm of the classic operational environment, towards multidimensional operational approaches in relation to the five traditional dimensions we are already familiar with from the military literature: land, air, sea, space and the electromagnetic spectrum, to which now the environment and the information environment are added. Overlapping these environments and creating an integrated battlespace image is a paradigm shift that must be understood and assumed. Social platforms and information warfare, artificial intelligence and self-learning programmes used in the military environment redefine the future security environment and the operation environment both in peacetime and in situations of crisis or at war. This study proposes a holistic presentation of the problems and challenges at the level of the international operational environment, presenting different typologies of threats identified at the level of the informational component by instrumenting cyberattacks attributed to state and non-state entities. The shaping of theoretical concepts is accompanied by a series of examples presented in order to provide a detailed perspective on events that have affected the information environment.