Trends in the Evolution of Hybrid Conflicts Cover Image

Trends in the Evolution of Hybrid Conflicts
Trends in the Evolution of Hybrid Conflicts

Author(s): Alexandru Herciu
Subject(s): Security and defense, Military policy
Published by: Centrul tehnic-editorial al armatei
Keywords: hybrid threats; hybrid conflict; irregular operations; electronic warfare; psychological warfare;
Summary/Abstract: The risks and threats of a conventional, unconventional, asymmetrical, and cyber naturebecome increasingly complex and unpredictable. Their combination generates the productionof apparent disturbances in the contemporary operational environment, with severeconsequences on the security of the states.A conclusion that emerges, analysing the evolution of the military phenomenon over thelast thirty years, is that, in the future, both great powers and non-state actors will resort to themost different actions to reach their interests. These actions have demonstrated their efficiencythrough their unusual nature and the lack of effective countermeasures such as informationwarfare, cyber warfare, network warfare, electronic warfare, psychological warfare, or mediawarfare.If the future of military action is to be marked by hybridity, states, alliances and coalitionsmust develop those conventional, unconventional, irregular and cyber capabilities that willensure the planning, preparation, execution, and evaluation of operations in the full spectrum.