A Retrospective Glimpse on the Conflict in Ukraine Cover Image

A Retrospective Glimpse on the Conflict in Ukraine
A Retrospective Glimpse on the Conflict in Ukraine

Author(s): Alexandru Herciu
Subject(s): Security and defense, Military policy
Published by: Centrul tehnic-editorial al armatei
Keywords: conflict in Ukraine; annexation of Crimea; hybrid conflict; national identity; Russian Federation;
Summary/Abstract: The Crimean crisis erupted after President Viktor Yanukovych’s departure from powerfollowing the 2013-2014 anti-government protests. Its trigger was the time to repeal thelaw on the status of regional languages, by which several languages used in Ukraine wereremoved from official use. The involved actors were, on the one hand, the Russian-speakinggroups that opposed the new political changes in Kyiv and wanted the annexation of Crimeaby Russia and, on the other, the Ukrainian groups and the Crimean Tatars, who supported theEuromaidan movement.The analysis, first of all, requires understanding the key concepts and threats other thanthe conventional ones that have arisen in Ukraine for the practical implementation of Russia’sstrategy and policy of protecting the divided Russian-speaking compatriots, restoring theRussian civilization and reconstructing the Russian world (Russkiy mir).Considering the importance given by global, European and national security institutions tothis geopolitical conflict with perverse geometry, we intend to present this study from theperspective of the following conceptual elements: the historical context; political and strategicassumptions; the physiognomy of the military actions carried out in a hybrid context; theanalysis of the characteristics of the hybrid type conflict in the understanding of the RussianFederation.