Ensuring Health and Safety Work Conditions in The Context of the Corporate Social Responsibility Cover Image

Осигуряването на здравословни и безопасни условия на труд в контекста на корпоративната социална отговорност
Ensuring Health and Safety Work Conditions in The Context of the Corporate Social Responsibility

Author(s): Hristina Blagoycheva
Subject(s): Economy, Labor relations, Human Resources in Economy, Socio-Economic Research
Published by: Университет за национално и световно стопанство (УНСС)
Keywords: health and safety work conditions; corporate social responsibility; accidents at work; corporate governance
Summary/Abstract: This publication aims to identify the prerequisites for differentiating the management of the health and safety work conditions as an element of the corporate social responsibility and to identify the benefits of their application as an element of the overall management of the organization. Every year in Europe 10% of the workers are affected by an accident at work or a professional illness. As a result, 3,4 million people die and 3,7 million remain disabled. Total losses are 3,3% of the European Union's GDP. Governments create legal norms, regulations and prescriptions, but the employers are responsible for building a healthy and safe working environment in organizations. This responsibility is often overlooked by businesses in favor of quick profits or is reduced to formal implementation of the main regulatory requirements. Such behavior ultimately leads to losses for both the company itself and society as a whole. It is obvious that businesses need more information to realize the overall benefits of good management of health and safety at work, especially in today's globalized world with increased demands for public responsibility. Therefore, an attempt was made to draw the reflections of the work environment created in the organization, to present good practices and to outline the benefits of the voluntary adoption of corporate social responsibility as an integral part of the management of the business unit.