The Notion and Features of the Region as an Administrative -Political Unit - Norm and Reality Cover Image

Појам обележја региона као административно-политичких јединица - норма и стварност
The Notion and Features of the Region as an Administrative -Political Unit - Norm and Reality

Author(s): Bojana Bojanić
Subject(s): Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence
Published by: Правни факултет Универзитета у Источном Сарајеву
Keywords: Norm and reality;Region;Regional state;
Summary/Abstract: One of the main tasks of legal science is to emphasize the normative solutions that will best express and appreciate specific characteristics of the community and therefore contribute to elimination of the gap between the norms and reality.Among the issues are the focuses of interest of citizens and political actors in decentralization of Serbia. The paper is trying to point out the inappropriate approach to regionalization of Serbia, which led to large discrepancies in the line of reality –norm and instead of, solutions, has become a source of new problems.In fact, supporters of this idea present the arguments of the successful implementation of this form of state organization in Spain and Italy, pointing to the similarity in circumstances in these countries at the time of establishing the regional government and today's Serbia. Here is an attempt to point out the differences that we think are more prominent than the similarities.Also, some theoretical understandings of the region as an administrative-political unit, and its rather imprecise definition in some European declarations, equating it with federal units, are a potential source of problems. Therefore, in order to remove these doubts, the most precise definition of a region would be a unit of territorial organization of power that has a considerable degree of autonomy, which is manifested in its right to self-organization, and by its status is under federal units. Their constitutive the act is a statute, and not the constitution.