The Intercultural Factor of the Organizational Performance Influence Cover Image

The Intercultural Factor of the Organizational Performance Influence
The Intercultural Factor of the Organizational Performance Influence

Author(s): Faouzi Bensebaa, Ion Stegaroiu, Ruxandra Georgescu
Subject(s): Management and complex organizations
Published by: Trivent Publishing
Keywords: intercultural management; organizational culture; organizational communication
Summary/Abstract: In the present context, multicultural organizations represent a real challenge for the Romanian society, especially as the strong interdependence of individual - culture - organization is highlighted. Thus, the question arises necessarily: Why would it be necessary to study the role of culture in organizational performance in Romanian organizations? Culture is a determining factor in an organization's performance, but in some situations it can be a difficult barrier. Very often, cultural incompatibilities hinder economic activity and is the reason for the failure of many mergers between companies. When such mergers occur between nationalities and, implicitly, different cultures, quite a few inconveniences can arise, especially problems related to the leadership of multicultural teams. In order to overcome these problems and succeed, it is necessary for the organizations that face them to make major efforts to overcome these barriers so that they can understand all the employees and thus meet all the demands both economic and human. The attempt to understand a certain organizational culture is particularly important and at the same time necessary, especially to be able to see and anticipate, how the employees are affected both by the multicultural society and especially by the multicultural management.

  • Page Range: 100-118
  • Page Count: 19
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: English