Polish Television Archives. Selected Aspects of Gathering and Preparing Recordings Cover Image
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Archiwum TVP. Niektóre aspekty gromadzenia i opracowywania nagrań
Polish Television Archives. Selected Aspects of Gathering and Preparing Recordings

Author(s): Maciej Wojtyński
Subject(s): 19th Century, Pre-WW I & WW I (1900 -1919), Interwar Period (1920 - 1939), WW II and following years (1940 - 1949), Post-War period (1950 - 1989), Transformation Period (1990 - 2010)
Published by: Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
Keywords: Polish Television archives; air documents; emission documents; TV management documents; emission registrations; emission reports; emission cards; recording cards
Summary/Abstract: Polish State Television prepared various forms of documentation, reflecting many kinds of television work and recorded on different data storage devices. The described instruments used for recording programmes were vital for registering cultural heritage, which came to life in the institution important for social communication as well as forming the opinions of different social groups. Emission registrations, emission reports, emission cards and recording cards can be considered such instruments. They allow to recognize the role each TV programme played in forming social attitudes. Systematic archiving of television production has been conducted since 1970. Because of limited knowledge of Polish Television archives and few publications referring to them, it is necessary to conduct research into the system of recording TV productions, the criteria used for its evaluation and the rules concerning storing and sharing the materials.

  • Page Range: 181-195
  • Page Count: 15
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: Polish