The views of Tadeusz Kotarbiński – inspiration for contemporary philosophy of education in a democratic society Cover Image

Poglądy Tadeusza Kotarbińskiego – inspiracje dla współczesnej filozofii edukacji w społeczeństwie demokratycznym
The views of Tadeusz Kotarbiński – inspiration for contemporary philosophy of education in a democratic society

Author(s): Danuta Anna Michałowska
Subject(s): Philosophy, Education
Published by: Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
Keywords: young generation; philosophy of education; democratic education; virtues of democracy; cognitive competences; ethical and philosophical education; independent ethics; praxeology; practical realism
Summary/Abstract: Taking care of the quality of education is one of the priorities of a democratic society. What kind of philosophy of education do we need today to prepare members of a democratic society to be better, wiser and more creative? The attempt to answer this question will be presented in the context of the consumptionism, neoliberalism and the problems of the young generation caused by rapid and profound political, social and economic transformations of a global character. The history of philosophical reflection about education is one of the sources of inspiration, especially including the significant contribution of Tadeusz Kotarbiński and his thoughts on independent ethics, praxeology, practical realism and universal patriotism. The other sources of inspiration, which provide us with important information, are the analysis of current problems of young people, such as loneliness, phonoholism, consumerism, egoism, depression, high suicide rates, deepening social inequalities and poverty. These two perspectives: philosophical reflection and life experiences of the young generation as well as educational practice may be important determinants for defining the direction of innovative changes in the Polish education and in the democratic society. These include cognitive, communication and ethical competences, which are important in the process of gaining professional qualifications by teachers and in the process of the school education of students – ethical and philosophical education viewed as an area of realizing Kotarbiński’s praxeological and ethical guidelines and developing sensitivity to the system of democratic values and the virtues of democracy.

  • Page Range: 176-194
  • Page Count: 19
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: English, Polish