An Etude on Teaching Literature. Dialogical Reading for the Continuity of “Conversational Culture” Cover Image

Etűd az irodalom oktatásához. Dialogikus olvasás a „beszélgető kultúra” folytonosságáért
An Etude on Teaching Literature. Dialogical Reading for the Continuity of “Conversational Culture”

Author(s): Gyöngyi Orbán
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Language and Literature Studies, Education, Studies of Literature
Published by: Scientia
Keywords: event-like understanding; dialogic mediality; truth event; form event; dialogical readiness; interpretive community;
Summary/Abstract: In order to determine the purpose of teaching literature, one should be aware of the major transformation of the culture of knowledge in the digital society as well as of the contradiction between the developmental level of our communication technologies and the basic problems of understanding in all areas of life. The function of literature in interpreting can be ensured if the literary work is not treated as a mere object to be analysed, but the dialogical relationship between the literary work and the recipient as the condition of experiential reading is allowed and helped along to come about. The dialogical encounter with the literary work as an eminent text also eminently imposes the practice of the competences that are essential to any kind of dialogue and understanding such as turning towards the other, thorough consideration, lingering, questioning, fresh vision, and self-understanding as well as an essential linguistic competence: the ability to participate in the meanings created through the dialogical relationship.

  • Page Range: 259-267
  • Page Count: 9
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: Hungarian