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Stress in Romanian Corporations
Stress in Romanian Corporations

Author(s): Ioana Catalina Ghita
Subject(s): Business Economy / Management, Human Resources in Economy
Published by: Editura Lumen, Asociatia Lumen
Keywords: stress; behaviour; human resources; stress management; big companies;
Summary/Abstract: At present, large companies from all around the world reduce their costs and become more and more efficient by employing about 60.000 people from our country. Large foreign corporations are opening offices in Romania, managing their various outsourced services here. To avoid redundancy in staff grids, big companies tend to move various services into one place (eg. a call center to serve a large number of countries). This is why the expenses of large companies are reduced because the labor force in the countries where they established their centers is cheap, our country being among the preferred outsourcing services. Although initially reluctant and less interested with the impact that distress has on employees and how it affects their lives, recently companies have begun to pay attention to occupational stress in terms of the considerable financial costs involved. Employees and employers seem to have different views on management's concern to reduce this risk factor in the sense that employees believe that their companies do not take sufficient steps to reduce the negative effects of stress, although some of the effects could be removed with a minimum of resources. A common business model is to force the employee, and when he gives up, to replace it. However, when employees are valuable, management will start to reconsider their comfort. Big companies know that stress is equivalent to inefficiency, and they don’t want to be inefficient, so they will try to motivate people.

  • Page Range: 317-326
  • Page Count: 9
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: English