Globalization of Terrorism and the Impact on Europe Economy Cover Image

Globalization of Terrorism and the Impact on Europe Economy
Globalization of Terrorism and the Impact on Europe Economy

Author(s): Lucian Ivan, Anca-Gabriela Petrescu, Florentina-Raluca Bilcan
Subject(s): Business Economy / Management
Published by: Editura Lumen, Asociatia Lumen
Keywords: terrorism; radicalization; foreign terrorist fighters; ethnic community;
Summary/Abstract: It is close to impossible to predict a terrorist activity. However, there are specific indicators that can hint as a probable temporal span in advance. Europe as a whole are faced with the threat emanating from returning foreign terrorist fighters. The threat is exacerbated particularly by the fact that there is a major problem with radicalization in the region. This increases the need to enhance cooperation in the field of countering terrorism and radicalization. As the war against war against ISIS started in Iraq, Syria and other crisis hotspots in their surroundings, the same communities became fertile ground for recruitment and mobilization of the mercenaries and ideologically oriented combatants once more. Terrorist organization have intention to infiltrate its adepts into European space in order to plan and produce direct attacks against democratic institution. Also, terrorists intend to gain followers from European citizens and have enough financial resources available for this purpose. This will have effects also in policy planning and mainly will lead to more counter-terrorism measures and to the deployment of special teams. A major contribution factor to the risk of terrorism is the issues that are signs of radicalization especially among ethnic community. Globalization of terrorism is the most dangerous phenomenon against the European economy and affect all population, including from the point of view of developing businesses. One of the most affected sector is represented by services provided to population, especially tourism industry.

  • Page Range: 70-79
  • Page Count: 9
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: English