Greetings from Krakow. "Belle Epoque" versus "Taboo". Cover Image

Pozdrowienia z Krakowa. "Belle Epoque" kontra "Tabu".
Greetings from Krakow. "Belle Epoque" versus "Taboo".

Author(s): Monika Rawska
Subject(s): Fine Arts / Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Film / Cinema / Cinematography
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego
Keywords: Belle Epoque, Taboo; dime novels; television series
Summary/Abstract: Two series premiered in 2017: British-American "Taboo" and Polish "Belle Epoque". The year is not the only similarity – based on the statements by Edward Miszczak, head of programming of the TVN channel, resemblance was sought and even intended. Similitude in the main character’s image as well as the starting point of the story lines proved to be misleading. A closer look at both shows reveals that the only feature that they have in common is their rootedness in popular (and vernacular) cultural traditions: in "Taboo" intentional and visible references to political fiction, film noir aesthetics, graphic novel and heist movie; in "Belle Epoque" (topical but also stylistic) resemblance to popular gutter circulation novels (dime novels) on Polish territory at the turn of 19th and 20th centuries.

  • Page Range: 135-151
  • Page Count: 17
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Polish