A Human Resources Analysis in “Sector F Construction” in Bulgaria Cover Image

Анализ на човешките ресурси в сектор F „Строителство“ в България
A Human Resources Analysis in “Sector F Construction” in Bulgaria

Author(s): Nikolinka Ignatova, Nadya Gilina
Subject(s): Economy, Human Resources in Economy
Published by: Икономически университет - Варна
Keywords: Hired employees; Human resources; Salary;Workforce;
Summary/Abstract: The subject of matter in the research are enterprise from that very sector. The indicators are as follows: employees degree of education; expenditure on salaries; gross expenditure; the structure of workforce expenditure; R&D expenditure in the sector; expenses for personnel qualification; circulation of labor force; the productivity rate and its impact on the revenue. The goal is to distinguish the strengths from the weaknesses of the HR management in “Sector F Construction” and to establish guidelines for their improvement. You will find attached the comparative method, the index method, the incremental method, the correlation analysis, etc.