Ceremonial Ceramics from the Digs in Azak Cover Image

Парадная керамика из раскопок Азака
Ceremonial Ceramics from the Digs in Azak

Author(s): Svetlana A. Kravchenko
Subject(s): History, Archaeology, Middle Ages, 13th to 14th Centuries, 15th Century
Published by: Издательский дом Stratum, Университет «Высшая антропологическая школа»
Keywords: Sea of Azov Region; Golden Horde; Azak sity; ceremonial utensils; decor; typology; import
Summary/Abstract: The author examines the set of imported ceremonial ceramics from the digs in the Golden Horde Azak. He publishes 14th — 15th century materials from the collection of Azov Museum and recent digs and distinguishes fourteen groups of ceremonial vessels from Azak, depending on their origin and manufacturing techniques. Thus, by origin, there are Chinese, Iranian, Middle Asian, Azerbaijani, Syrian, Byzantine, Spanish and Italian vessels, as well as ceramics from the Golden Horde cities of the Lower Volga region, which produced imitations of some types of imported vessels. The materials are systematized by their technological, functional and morphological features and supplied with description of their ornamentation motifs. The author traces changes in the set of ceremonial vessels along the history of Azak.

  • Page Range: 539-559
  • Page Count: 21
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Language: Russian