Helping students develop higher order thinking skills Cover Image

Helping students develop higher order thinking skills
Helping students develop higher order thinking skills

Author(s): Viorica Condrat
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Education, Communication studies, School education, Higher Education
Published by: Biblioteca Ştiinţifică a Universităţii de Stat Alecu Russo
Keywords: higher order thinking; transfer; problem solving; critical thinkin; skills
Summary/Abstract: The 21st century context seems to be quite challenging when it comes to discriminate between facts and opinions, truth and lies. Therefore, students should be equipped with the necessary skills which will enable them to judge the value of truth, to transfer the acquired knowledge to new contexts, to solve problems and to think critically. The article examines the importance of scaffolding the development of higher order thinking skills at the university level. Students appear to be rather unprepared to think critically. That is why the educator is to design the education process in such a way as to help students enhance their higher order thinking skills. The article examines some strategies applied to fourth-year students at Alecu Russo Balti State University, which can be used to help students become critical thinkers.