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The importance of social media in smart cities
The importance of social media in smart cities

Author(s): Gabriela Bucur, George SUCIU, Radu Conu
Subject(s): Architecture
Keywords: social media; smart cities
Summary/Abstract: Social Media platforms are becoming a big part of our life and are used frequently by the citizens in the context of smart cities, from people browsing and interacting with friends, to companies promoting their products and services. Considering that the most of world’s population lives today in urban zones, and Social Media could be a source of valuable data, urban planners must think about analyzing users’ opinions and their data in the process of managing cities. This paper presents the importance of using Social Media data in developing a Smart City. Urban planners have the task of accommodating population growth, keeping resources available for all citizens while optimizing their consumption. For analyzing opinions and transforming them into valuable data for city planners, data mining and sentiment analysis tools can be used. Also, tracking check-ins at various locations help to better understand concentration zones, making resource allocation much easier.

  • Page Range: 197-202
  • Page Count: 6
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Language: English