Minko Nikolov and Franz Kafka Cover Image

Минко Николов и Франц Кафка
Minko Nikolov and Franz Kafka

Author(s): Mladen Vlashki
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies, Studies of Literature, Comparative Study of Literature, Bulgarian Literature, Philology
Published by: Пловдивски университет »Паисий Хилендарски«
Keywords: Minkov Nikolov; Kafka; Ernst Fischer; „Cold War“; cultural politics; DDR; PR Bulgaria
Summary/Abstract: Minko Nikolov is the first literary scientist and critic in the Republic of Bulgaria to have studied Kafka’s work. The present article is a reconstruction of his sources and choices of interpretation. Furthermore, it supports the idea of revealing „how things are done“. During the stay of Minkov in East-Berlin in 1956-1958 he changes his dogmatic Marxist position and orientates his arguments in interpreting Kafka towards the work of the Austrian Marxist Ernst Fischer. After 1962 he starts correspondence with him and evaluates his works as much needed for the Bulgarian intellectuals in connection to the overcoming of the Stalinist spirit in the Bulgarian culture of the 1960s. In this way Minko Nikolov, by meeting Kafka, sets sail on the road of literature dissidence, which for him ends with suicide in 1966, and for Fischer – with a stigmatization as a renegade personally from Brezhnev and exclusion from the communist party.