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Југословенско-Бугарска лига у Београду
Yugoslav-Bulgarian League in Belgrade

Author(s): Bojan V. Simić
Subject(s): Diplomatic history, Political history, International relations/trade, Interwar Period (1920 - 1939)
Published by: Institut za noviju istoriju Srbije
Keywords: Kingdom of Yugoslavia; Bulgaria; Yugoslav-Bulgarian League; Balkan;
Summary/Abstract: The Yugoslav-Bulgarian League in Belgrade was founded on 24 September 1933. Its main task was „to study the social conditions in Bulgaria in economic, political, and cultural-educational terms as well as to spread the idea on Yugoslav-Bulgarian brotherhood as a common interest of vital significance“. Governing bodies of the League were Executive and Supervisory Board whose members were elected by the League`s Assembly. This representative body, consisted of members who have regularly paid dues, was responsible for the entire operation of the League, including its reports and proclamations. At the same time, there was established a similar association in Sofia, the main partner of the League. During the interwar period, the Yugoslav-Bulgarian League in Belgrade created, organized, supported and participated in a number of cultural and business events related to the promotion of Yugoslav-Bulgarian rapprochement. The most important among them were exhibitions, concerts, literary evenings, field trips, parties, etc. The Belgrade League had published eight books during its existence. Yugoslav-Bulgarian rapprochement was also achieved by frequent mutual visits organized by both Belgrade and Sofia Association. In April 1941, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria became enemies again which restored hostility, denying all the positive results that Yugoslav-Bulgarian League in Belgrade and similar associations on both sides enthusiastically made.