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Hope and Violence in Dystopia
Hope and Violence in Dystopia

Author(s): Lima Bhuiyan
Subject(s): Crowd Psychology: Mass phenomena and political interactions
Published by: Scientia Moralitas Research Institute
Keywords: Dystopia; President Trump; The Hunger Games; protest;
Summary/Abstract: The fact that America has been plunged into a period of dystopia cannot be argued. The nation not only meets the dictionary definition of dystopia itself, but we are daily watching an Orwellian present, which includes censorship, “alternative facts,” blows to education, muzzling of scientists and constant incitement of fear. Typically, dystopian fiction offers an escape that is so farfetched; it is not a real threat to daily life. In these stories humanity always steps up to help one another and anyone can make a difference; this is what makes these stories both hopeful, and relatable. But how does this translate into real life? In the days since the election of President Trump, we have seen this hope spill into the streets in the form of resistance. This paper will argue that while we might live in a dystopian present, there is a newfound surge of hope we have seldom seen in this nation that comes in the form of protest and violence. With each march, hashtag and moment of defiance, an ally speaks for the downtrodden and as history has proved, sometimes violence is the direly needed catalyst for change. Even in the face of dystopia, like reflecting the novels we have all come to know, the average person can and in certain cases, has a duty to fight for a hopeful future.

  • Page Range: 303-307
  • Page Count: 4
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: English