Omnichannel Retailing and Omnichannel Consumers Cover Image

Омниканална търговия и омниканални потребители
Omnichannel Retailing and Omnichannel Consumers

Plenary paper

Author(s): Dancho Danchev
Subject(s): Economy
Published by: Икономически университет - Варна
Keywords: retailing; omnichannel retailing; omnichannel consumers
Summary/Abstract: The subject of this paper is the problems of the omnichannel retailing and the omnichannel consumers in the contemporary conditions. The conceptualization of omnichannel retailing is interpreted as a higher stage in the evolution of the commercial business. In this context, some new terms and concepts related to the theory and practice of omnichannel retailing are clarified. Some major trends in the development of omnichannel retailing on a global and national scale are being tracked. Special attention is given to the omnichannel consumers and their behavior, which are summarized in nine main groups.

  • Page Range: 37-74
  • Page Count: 38
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Bulgarian