Media and Culture: Bosniaks in Global Reality Show Cover Image

Mediji i kultura: Bošnjaci u globalnom reality showu
Media and Culture: Bosniaks in Global Reality Show

Author(s): Fahira Fejzić Čengić
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies, Media studies, Studies of Literature, Bosnian Literature, Culture and social structure
Published by: BZK "Preporod" Brčko distrikt Bosne i Hercegovine
Keywords: media; culture; Bosniaks; reality show; eternity;
Summary/Abstract: All this is important to connect to more easily conceived of what to do in meeting the Bosniak beings, Bosnian culture, Muslim aura and the Internet. The challenge is to be sure. How to be a citizen of the world (without identity) who successfully resists his inner identity where breathing (breath, spirit Absolute Launcher makes it breath, his spirit). This would cultures, because breathing (known and secret that the greatest gift with Guarded plates First Pen that breathes) could separate the culture of civilization, such as separating the spirit of technea. Recognize that in the meeting of man and machine is no innocent. Neither is possible only with the machine, either totally without it. Neil Postman is our time called TEHNOPOL - political system, the rule of technology and information that spread as a cultural AIDS, bombarding our immune system. Bosniaks is very important point to the global reality show. In addition to mandatory information diet, but also to still stay alive. And to recognize when this show becomes a ‘dark side’. An occasional resistance that can be achieved by learning. Socializing and talking among themselves. The most dangerous are the abundance of information that is available from the context that says Postman.

  • Page Range: 297-306
  • Page Count: 9
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Language: Bosnian