Identity and Cultural Memories in Chatting with Epic Poet Halil Bajgoric Cover Image

Identitet i kultura sjećanja u pričanju epskog pjevača Halila Bajgorića
Identity and Cultural Memories in Chatting with Epic Poet Halil Bajgoric

Author(s): Indira Durmić
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies, Studies of Literature, Bosnian Literature, Theory of Literature
Published by: BZK "Preporod" Brčko distrikt Bosne i Hercegovine
Keywords: oral epic; Bosniaks/ Bosnian and Herzegovinian literature; memory; borders; gender; sexuality; identity;
Summary/Abstract: This paper discusses the role of oral epic singing, recitation, own memories and collective remembrance in the Bosniaks/ Bosnian and Herzegovinian oral literature on the example of the recorded text, Testimony of the epic singer Halil Bajgoric. The figures and places of memories are shown, and the ways of their re/production in the epic tradition. Analysis was made on processes and circumstances under which, from overall historical events on the Bosnia and Herzegovina territory, singers/ narrators recycled and processed the appropriate fragments and made them as the base for the construction of their own or group identity, while at the same time some other historical episodes became places of suppresion and oblivion. The paper engaged the relationship between memory and history, and certain attitudes about the past which are reviewed within the selected fragments of written Bajgoric’s texts/ interviews. It is tried to answer the questions about the border identity of the Bosniaks and Bosnian literature. It was shown how selected fragments of oral singing/ testimony (narration) are suitable material for critical analysis of gender positions in a specific social context, and that epic oral literature represents a nonle area for articulation aspects of personal/ collective identity: authenticity, multiplication, identity crisis, devial recognition, problems of the state borders, nation, power, questions about the body, sexuality, family.

  • Page Range: 279-296
  • Page Count: 18
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Language: Bosnian