Local and Regional Communities as Informational and Journalistic Tasks Cover Image
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Społeczności lokalne i regionalne jako zadania informacyjno‑publicystyczne
Local and Regional Communities as Informational and Journalistic Tasks

Author(s): Stanisław Michalczyk
Subject(s): Media studies, Communication studies, Theory of Communication
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Keywords: local communication; region; tabloidisation; local journalism
Summary/Abstract: The article consists of four parts. In the first one, the author discusses the development of local communication studies in Poland and in the world. He points to the key texts of recent decades from the field of local communication. This field encompasses the research on communities of journalists, on the content of local media, on the structure of local media, and on their social reception. In the second part, an outline of the local communication theory is presented, this term is defined, and the factors that shape it are pointed out. The third part discusses the region as a communicational area. The author refers to significant Polish and non-Polish books. In the final part, the issue of infotainment and the phenomenon of tabloidisation of local media are discussed.

  • Page Range: 11-30
  • Page Count: 20
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Polish