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Parking as an Importantservice of Innovative Hotels: a Case of Croatia
Parking as an Importantservice of Innovative Hotels: a Case of Croatia

Author(s): Edna Mrnjavac, Nadia Pavia, Robert Maršanić
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Economy
Published by: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
Keywords: Innovation; innovative hotels; hotel product; parking service
Summary/Abstract: Purpose:Innovative hotels are a recent phenomenon. The innovation of their product is based on a personalized service with cultural and autochthonous content and experiences. The aim of the research was to obtain better understanding of the role of parking in the product of innovative hotels: whether parking is a component of a hotel product, whether parking problems exist, and what the importance is compared with other elements of a hotel product.The purpose of the study is to draw attention to the state of parking in innovative hotels and to shape guidelinesfor an optimal model of parking services. Design/methodology/approach:Primary and secondary data were used. Secondary data served to define the characteristics and functions of innovative hotels and the role of parking services. Primary data were collected directly from the managers, through their descriptive responses to a questionnaire. The responses were systemised according to similarities and differences and according to the special features of innovative hotels. The study involved 10 innovative hotels in the Republic of Croatia. Insight gained from the study should help managers to enhance the competitiveness and improve inovation of the hotel product. Findings: Most of the innovative hotels have parking-related problems, because they either lack asufficient number of parking spaces or have no parking space at all. Hotels’ managements and guests consider parking services a vital element of the hotel product. The resolution of parking-related problems depends upon location. Hotels located in town centres have no possibilities for building their own car parks. The only solution is to rent a number of parking spaces through the local government or from parking companies. If a hotel cannot provide parking services, it is important for the guests to be fully informed of this. Research/practical implications:The study has confirmed that the parking service is an essential element of the innovative hotel product. Hotels should have their own car parks and, if needed, rent additional parking spaces in thenearest public car parks or parking garages. The research has indicated that cooperation with local government is crucial because of its decisive role in shaping parking polices and mobility in the destination. In this way it indirectly effects on the competitive ability of the hotel product. Future research should focus on models of cooperation with local government in ensuring parking spaces and mobility within destination. Originality/value:Parking as a part of the product of innovative hotels has not been researched jet. The value consists in findings that parking is an essential element of the competitiveness of innovative-hotel products and that there is a correlation between guest satisfaction with their stay at the hotel and the availability of parking. A special contribution is the perception of importance of parking among other elements of product of innovative hotels as well as the role of local government in resolving parking problems. The results are applicable to other european destinations that are working on innovative hotels’ product.

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  • Page Count: 12
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: English