Technology Innovations as Drivers of Hotel Attractiveness Cover Image

Technology Innovations as Drivers of Hotel Attractiveness
Technology Innovations as Drivers of Hotel Attractiveness

Author(s): Tamara Floričić, Nadia Pavia
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Economy
Published by: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
Keywords: hospitality innovations; experimental innovation testing; hotel attractiveness; special experience; added value
Summary/Abstract: Purpose: In striving to achieve business excellence, hotel companies recognise the importance of new solutions that affect hotel attractiveness and boost demand. In order to implement adequate and optimised innovative concept they need to choose suitable innovations and to test their attractiveness. The aim and purpose of this paper is to explore tourist demand focused on youth tourism within the framework of experimental hospitality innovations. Why experimental hospitality innovations and how can they be organised and valorised within the tourism system? The possible answers emerge in attractiveness exploration and understanding the Millenials as new consumers segment that seeks new excitement, exploration and solutions. Design/methodology/approach: The research includes quantitative as well as qualitative methods which explore the attitudes of tourist demand through 88 questionnaires conducted in January 2017 processed by statistical methodology including chi-squared test (February to May 2017). Methods of best practice research (February, March 2017) that are presented in framework of experimental technologies and creative thinking techniques are implemented and oriented towards creation of a new model that could impact demand of a specific market segment – youth tourists. The presented model of innovative solutions, created in March 2017) recognises categories of innovations that could impact perception of potential consumers about hospitality attractiveness.Findings: Presented research suggests conclusions that would influence new knowledge and present the platform for innovative connections of industry stakeholders including hotel companies and technological innovations companies which could implement and test their innovative product and valuate it by actual consumers, hotel guests. Findings point to conclusions which confirm willingness of youngsters to stay in innovation test hotel, to evaluate and rank selected groups of innovations and to pay the market price for this special experience of being the part of product or service innovation process. Research/practical implications: Paper proposes a new concept of development of hospitality structures that both innovatively organise hotel product and place it on tourism market, and support development and implementation of technological and organisational innovations as a new service that enriches hotel product. The concept provides the responses of tourist demand on sight in real time and that research results present indicative guidelines for further investments. Originality/value: The contribution of this paper is reflected in a both a proposal of new approach and suggestion of innovations as marketing value for hotel companies when considering orientation towards demand as a selective market segment and as a mix of various innovative aspects that form hotel service: technology, organisation, service, experience, architecture and design.

  • Page Range: 231-248
  • Page Count: 18
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Language: English