The Quantum “Eye on Fire”. Towards the Apophatic Techno-ontology Cover Image

Kwantowe „oko w ogniu”. W stronę apofatycznej techno-ontologii
The Quantum “Eye on Fire”. Towards the Apophatic Techno-ontology

Author(s): Joanna Sarbiewska
Subject(s): Media studies, Film / Cinema / Cinematography
Published by: Instytut Sztuki Polskiej Akademii Nauk
Keywords: postsecular approach; techno-ontology;phenomenology
Summary/Abstract: The author argues that one of the current challenges in the postindustrial “third culture” should be the re-reading (“relegere”) of the discourse of religion and the discourse of knowledge in a postsecular approach. The author, in relation to Derrida’s later reflections, states that the “media machine” may generate a new, mystical model of perception, that deconstructs the idolatry of metaphysics of presence: both the rational discourse of knowledge and the dogmatic discourse of religion. The author interprets audiovisual media technique as a phenomenological “epochè”. “The machine” that set in motion an intuitive mode of ecstatic work signifies the movement of transgression of the subject-object duality and “immersion” in the unconditioned (pure) Being, which is the Other. On the basis of modern quantum physics, we can assume that the techno-ontology status is a natural extension of the trans-media space: the apophatic ontology of reality itself, which is opposite to a “hard presence”. It can be characterized by a wave structure: it cannot be defined as being or non-being, it is rather a kind of perpetual motion of “photons of light”. The video-installations of Bill Viola (“Martyrs” and “Fire Woman”) are the examples of proposed here technostrategy of vision transformation.

  • Page Range: 86-108
  • Page Count: 23
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Polish