World and History – "Monastyr: Dark Fantasy Role-Playing Game" Cover Image

Świat i historia – "Monastyr: Fabularna gra dark fantasy"
World and History – "Monastyr: Dark Fantasy Role-Playing Game"

Author(s): Aleksandra Mochocka
Subject(s): History, Theatre, Dance, Performing Arts, Language and Literature Studies, Theory of Literature
Published by: Ośrodek Badawczy Facta Ficta
Keywords: TRPG;RPG;role-playing game;Monastyr;historical fantasy
Summary/Abstract: The central analysis of "Monastyr: Fabularna Gra Dark Fantasy" TRPG is on the history of gaming systems. Throughout gaming system history, role playing has served as an important backdrop for the actions of the characters.which constitute indispensable elements for the lives of the characters and their sources of power. Without knowledge and awareness of history, human beings can lose their identities or fall victims to exploitation. However, with knowledge in history, humanity can fight against deprivation and nothingness. But this knowledge is not without its contradictions— history can also be a burden, a challenge and even a source of conflict. The notable point of Aleksandra’s Mochocka chapter is that history must never be forgotten, “whitewashed” or outright erased. Whether nations or fctions of people, if any commit an atrocity against humanity, it is the historical record or even the victims’ knowledge that will never allow the perpetrators to escape the consequences of their actions. The embedded history in the framework of Monastyr evokes these feelings and perceptions for the player provoking, what Mary Flanagan coined as, “critical play” during the playing sessions. All of these elements make Monastyr an extremely unique experience in role playing gaming. Although this game was not intenteded to be a purveyor of historical knowledge, it does raise much awareness for the players as to the role of humanity throughout history as well as other potential historical and critical issues.

  • Page Range: 501-517
  • Page Count: 17
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Language: Polish