Internal Law and International Investment Law; Quo vadis? Cover Image

Dreptul intern și dreptul internațional al investițiilor; Ouo vadis?
Internal Law and International Investment Law; Quo vadis?

Author(s): Cristina-Elena Popa (Tache)
Subject(s): International Law
Published by: Universul Juridic
Keywords: international investment; review; transparency.
Summary/Abstract: Faced with global movements review, Romania reached the moment having to rely on comprehensive legislation, which reflects the complete regulations harmonized with international law and foreign investment. Remaining in regulatory threshold the objectives, purpose, conditions of entry, registration and authorization, the rights and guarantees given to the investor, the obligations of the investor, promotion and facilitation, as well as sufficient regulations on how to settle disputes, institutional rules and last but not least, the relationship with international agreements and transparency.

  • Page Range: 299-302
  • Page Count: 4
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Romanian