Is there a future Concept “Mars - Economics of the Intellect or for a “Post-work Society”? Cover Image
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Има ли бъдеще концепция „Марс – икономика на интелекта, или за „Общество на пост-работата“?
Is there a future Concept “Mars - Economics of the Intellect or for a “Post-work Society”?

Author(s): Kostadin Nikolaev Koyuv
Subject(s): Economy, Supranational / Global Economy, Economic development, Human Resources in Economy, ICT Information and Communications Technologies
Published by: Нов български университет
Keywords: Cognitive bias; Post-work society; Innovations; Fourth industrial revolution
Summary/Abstract: The speed at which we achieve the innovations in our business and life is extremely high. The Internet has reduced the barriers of time and distance. Production innovations appear on a daily basis, the future of human and business relationships is changing. The largest hotel business – Airbnb, not an owner of one single bed, Uber does not own a single car, Facebook is the largest social media in the world, and it does not create content itself. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has four main physical manifestations of technical trends – autonomous cars, additive production or so called 3D printing, robotization and creation of new types of materials. The main purpose of the report is not to showing what are the possible innovations in the business, but the problems that prevent them from entering and operating in the world of business and the everyday life of the people.