Organizations growth capabilities through innovation business networks Cover Image
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Възможности за растеж на организациите чрез иновационни бизнес мрежи
Organizations growth capabilities through innovation business networks

Author(s): Tsvetana Stoyanova
Subject(s): Economy, Business Economy / Management, Management and complex organizations
Published by: Нов български университет
Keywords: Innovations business networks; Management; Open innovations
Summary/Abstract: With the purpose of overcoming the insecurity, originating from the rapid tempos of economy change, the institutional and the technological environment, the companies enter strategic networks and increase their production, management and marketing flexibility. The direct benefits of the innovation networks are the result of more efficient business transactions, more skillful investment and reduced expenses, which generate the profit and the employment. Indirect benefits are the ones obtained by education, comparison and exchange of experience, because of which knowledge gets larger and it leads to innovations, imitation and product/service improvement. The networks create economy of the scale, and through well-thought-through share of resources, expertise, or information. It refers to the connections between the companies within the network in the field of the industry structure, and how the companies interact with each other. In this relation, in this report are consequently revealed the peculiarities of the contemporary networking organizations, the dynamics of their connection with the elements of their environment, and the type of internal relation with the internal company resources.