Anthologies as Spaces for Discussion on the „Mountain” Literature Cover Image
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Antologie jako przestrzeń dyskusji na temat literatury „górskiej”
Anthologies as Spaces for Discussion on the „Mountain” Literature

Author(s): Elżbieta Dutka
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies, Literary Texts, Studies of Literature, Philology, Theory of Literature
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Keywords: anthology; mountain literature; bibliography; Jacek Kolbuszewski; Michał Jagiełło; Stanisław Jaworski
Summary/Abstract: The article is an overview of anthologies with the mountains as key motif, both in the chronological order, and in terms of the problems they tackle. Particular emphasis was put on the function of those publications, as they often prove to be of a somewhat “historical‑literary project” character. Anthologies prepared by such literary theorists as Jacek Kolbuszewski, Michał Jagiełło, Stanisław Jaworski, among others, in fact often become the space for discussion on the very legitimacy of using the term “mountains literature”, its scope and the meaning of this kind of writing.

  • Page Range: 213-228
  • Page Count: 16
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Language: Polish