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За маските на властта
For the masks of power

Author(s): Kamen Kamenov
Subject(s): Governance, Economic policy
Published by: Нов български университет
Keywords: Masks of power; Facade solutions; Compromise solutions; Crowd behavior; Mobile favoritism
Summary/Abstract: The report examines specific forms of power metamorphoses for self-preservation or serving political and corporate interests. They are called masks , because they represent some qualities of the rulers, but others are hiding behind them. Thus, through external representation, practically non-adversary parties are masked by the way power is applied. The definition of ten masks in the report is only part of the aspirations of the power to win supporters or to peruse politics in one's interests through external ostentation. With careful observation and analysis of the behavior of the authorities, it is certainly to show and show even few masks. But identifying power with masks is at least insensitive, but it also shows that it can resort to masks is necessary. The least that can be achieved in society is to avoid suggestions of masks if they know each other.