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Analiza situaţiei antreprenoriale la nivelul regiunilor de dezvoltare
Entrepreneurial situation analysis of the development regions

Author(s): Ottilia György, Andrea Csata, Gergely Fejér-Király, András Zoltán
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Published by: Editura Lumen, Asociatia Lumen
Keywords: regions; development; entrepreneurial activity; regional differences
Summary/Abstract: Entrepreneurial development represents one of the main objectives in the policy of lasting development of The European Union, it is a key factor in the 2020 strategy, due to the entrepreneurs’ significant contribution to economic stability on one hand, and due to their workplace creation and increase in workforce employment rate on the other. The 2008 economic crises reduced consumption, fiscal policy became unstable, the banking sector reduced the possibilities of enterprises to access credits and all these contribute to the deterioration of the efficiency of entrepreneurial activity. Thus, entrepreneurial density is decreasing all over Europe and there are big differences across regions. The economic crisis demonstrated the fact that Romanian entrepreneurs are not strong enough, they are not prepared for global economic changes. In spite of the fact that 66% of the workplaces in Romania are assured by small and medium enterprises and their business turnover yields 58% of the total amount, it is clear that the number of small and medium enterprises is insufficient or those that exist are not sufficiently consolidated. Moreover, the small and medium enterprises sector plays a very important role in workforce employment, personnel employed by such companies represent 99,6%.This study proposes to present the key demographic characteristics of the Romanian business environment, observable regional differences in entrepreneurial activity in order to draw attention to entrepreneurial differences across counties of development regions. The study represents the analysis of the entrepreneurial activity in the development regions, considering the fact that entrepreneurial differences across counties in some regions are significant. The hypothesis verified by the study is: the entrepreneurial activity at the level of the development regions does not show big differences, all the regions describe the same trend similar to the national one, but the differences at the level of counties are significant. The units of analysis are development regions and counties, but national tendencies are also analysed. For the analysis we have used macroeconomic indicators and indicators specific for the analysis of entrepreneurial activity, and for the visualization of the results we have used maps realized by the team of authors. The conclusions of the article can be used for a more efficient and more lasting entrepreneurial policy, drawing attention to the non-functionality of the present development regions.

  • Page Range: 393-406
  • Page Count: 14
  • Publication Year: 2014
  • Language: Romanian