Slovakia and the European Union in the Year of Institutional Changes Cover Image

Slovensko a Európska únia v roku inštitucionálnych zmien
Slovakia and the European Union in the Year of Institutional Changes

Author(s): Vladimír Bilčík
Subject(s): Politics, International relations/trade, EU-Accession / EU-DEvelopment
Published by: Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association (RC SFPA)
Keywords: Slovakia; 2009; foreign policy; EU; Institutional Changes; European parliament; elections; Lisbon treaty;
Summary/Abstract: In 2009 Slovakia’s performance in the European Union was dominated by two themes:the changing structure and functioning of key EU institutions and a broader reflection of the first five years of the country’s EU membership in the context of new political and economic crises. This study provides a brief analysis of Slovakia’s preferences and roles during and after the European Parliament elections, in the formation of the European Commission and in the approval of the Lisbon Treaty. The study also offers a reflection of policy priorities of the Slovak Republic (SR) and its agenda resulting from the energy and economic crises. The study concludes with a summary of themes that are important for Slovakia’s successful performance within the EU in the near future.

  • Page Range: 21-34
  • Page Count: 14
  • Publication Year: 2010
  • Language: Slovak