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Narodna vjera bosansko-hercegovačkih muslimana
People’s faith according to a bosnian-herzegovinian muslim

Author(s): Enes Karić
Subject(s): Geography, Regional studies, Theology and Religion, Islam studies, Sociology of Religion
Published by: Franjevačka teologija Sarajevo
Keywords: BiH; people; faith; muslim; Islam;
Summary/Abstract: Suppose people were before faith, but it also legitimate to suppose the contrary, faith was before people. In the multitude of encounters and relations between people and faith over many decades, but also centuries, the phenomenon, moreover the phenomena of “people’s faith” have been growing. As such “people’s faith” has come from theological systems, orthodox fundamentalisms, refined dogmatic systems… So people’s faith has almost always emerged to measure of people, their conventions, their “pre-religious” experiences, their dreams and own answers to human encounters with the “the last questions” – of birth, joy, death, disease, work, war, gender… In short, people’s lives are the birth places of “people’s faith,” People’s faith is created from people’s mythology, magic, tradition, in sum, from integral tradition not yet improved enough to be official and systemized. In this research paper “ the people’s Islam” on a world level, on the local, Balkan and Bosnian, and on the micro local in the region of Travnik is predominantly addressed. Special attention is given to the phenomena of the “hygienic” purifying of people’s faith and its eradication through modernistic, reformist and fundamentalist projects.

  • Page Range: 613-630
  • Page Count: 18
  • Publication Year: 2010
  • Language: Bosnian
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