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Štovanje svetog Franje u tradiciji bosanskih franjevaca
Worship of St Francis in the tradition of the bosnian franciscans

Author(s): Luka Markešić
Subject(s): Christian Theology and Religion, Customs / Folklore
Published by: Franjevačka teologija Sarajevo
Keywords: Bosnia; Franciscans; St Francis; worship; tradition; BiH;
Summary/Abstract: On the occasion of 150-anniversary of the Franciscan monastery in Guča Gora dedicated to St Francis of Assisi the article addresses his worship in the tradition of Bosnian Franciscans. It was done through presenting the preaching of Fra Stjepan Margetić Na svetoga Oca Frančeska Patriarka našega, O čudo i veselje (On the Feast of our Patriarch St Francesco – Oh, miracle and joy). St Francis is described as a marvel to God, angels and humans, attesting to the tradition of justified correlation and differentiation of mystics and politics (J.B.Metz) in the worshiping St Francis by the Bosnian Franciscans: the religious and social meaning of Christian monkhood, meaning the more mystic, the more social! The mysticism of Bosnian Franciscans is especially visible in their faith and love of God and in imitating St Francis – marvel to God, angels and humans. The Franciscan politics is manifested in their (1) continuing protection of Bosnia and Herzegovina as followers of the Bosnian middle-age kingdom and the hope of ridding Bosnia of Ottoman slavery as Israel rid Egypt of slavery; (2) Accepting B&H not only as a political, but also as a mystic reality through metaphysical ideas and physical praxis of the country being in God’s providence – a marvel to God, angels and humans. This attitude of the Bosnian Franciscans to B&H takes rise from St Francis sprit of love for Triune God revealed in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, but also for God’s creation which includes loving land, as seen in Song of Brother Sun by St Francis: Be praised, my Lord, for our sister, mother earth, who sustains and governs us and produces diverse fruits and colored flowers and grass.

  • Page Range: 595-611
  • Page Count: 17
  • Publication Year: 2010
  • Language: Croatian