Problem of the Human Trafficking in the Countries of the Former Yugoslavia Cover Image

Presek stanja trgovine ljudima u državama na području bivše SFRJ
Problem of the Human Trafficking in the Countries of the Former Yugoslavia

Author(s): Vladimir Urošević, Sergej Uljanov, Zvonimir Ivanović
Subject(s): Criminal Law
Published by: Institut za uporedno pravo
Keywords: trafficking in human beings; trafficking in children; sexual exploitation; ex-Yugoslavia; INTERPOL
Summary/Abstract: The problem of trafficking in human beings in the 21st century is just a reflection of slavery phenomenon evoluted in its own various modern ways. As a specific come-back of the ancient plunder institute, trafficking of human beings, especially through sexual and forced labour exploitation, is endangering the realization of basic scale of human rights and freedoms and disrupting progressive evolution flow of human civilization. The worst mode of this occurrence is shown by trafficking of children and minors and is self-explanatory regarding its dangerous for nowadays society. Intensified by warfares in the areas of multiethnic ex-Yugoslavia, this kind of organized criminal activity additionally has been menacing fundamental values of social life and humiliated position of an individual in postmodern social surroundings of Western Balkans countries. In this article authors were trying to present efforts of above-mentioned states and their solutions in the combat against trafficking in human beings, being just a little step forward in making out an imagined ideal of the safe way of living and moving of people in the areas of exYugoslavia everlasting related to the opposites attraction of European democratic pragmatics and Asiatic totalitarian thinking over.

  • Page Range: 349-367
  • Page Count: 19
  • Publication Year: 2010
  • Language: Serbian