Brief Comparative Review of Environmental Crimes in the Republic of Srpska and Serbia Cover Image

Kratak komparativni prikaz ekoloških krivičnih dela u srbiji i republici srpskoj
Brief Comparative Review of Environmental Crimes in the Republic of Srpska and Serbia

Author(s): Mirko Voštinić, Veljko Turanjanin
Subject(s): Criminal Law, Human Ecology
Published by: Institut za uporedno pravo
Keywords: environmental crimes; crimes against environment; Serbia; Republic of Srpska; statistics
Summary/Abstract: In this paper the authors deal with the comparative analysis of crimes from the group of crimes against the environment, known as environmental crimes, which were, in the course of legislative changes from the beginning of XXI century, relocated and regulated in the separate section entitled „Crimes against environment“ of substantive law in criminal legislations in both jurisdiction. The right to a healthy environment is one of fundamental human`rights, which are guaranteed, primarily, by constitutional provisions of these two countries, and also through a series of other laws, and finally, by the ultimate, criminal protection, which applies in the moment when preventive activity remained without success, overcome by various forms of national and transnational environmental crimes. The authors give a review of crimes in the two neighboring countries, comparing them with each other, both in terms of enforcement actions and prescribed criminal penalties, and then analyze statistics on the criminal offenses, initiated proceedings and imposed criminal sanctions, devoting special attention to the high percentage of suspended sentences imposed for such serious crimes.

  • Page Range: 34-46
  • Page Count: 13
  • Publication Year: 2012
  • Language: Serbian