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Корпоративно социално предприемачество
Corporate social entrepreneurship

Author(s): Daniela Tzvetkova
Subject(s): Socio-Economic Research
Published by: Нов български университет
Keywords: corporate entrepreneurship; social entrepreneurship; corporate social entrepreneurship; corporate social responsibility;
Summary/Abstract: An increasing number of companies face innovation challenges due to the fast-changing world, questions of the sustainability of the working business models are being raised as well as of their effect on society. Pressure from competitors is rising. This paper aims to identify the specific features of the corporate social entrepreneurship by looking at its foundations related to the corporate social responsibility and corporate entrepreneurship. What differentiates corporate social entrepreneurs from corporate entrepreneurs is their strive to initiate and successfully develop new ideas in the organization that will not only have a positive effect on the business but will solve social issues, too. The implementation of these new business possibilities aims at achieving not only economic but social sustainability as well.